Graduation Info

Step 1. Meet with your advisor.

Be sure to meet with your academic advisor PRIOR to submitting an application for graduation to ensure your eligibility for graduation. 


Step 2. Fill out your Graduation Application.

After you have met with your academic advisor, follow the instructions below for Graduation Application. Click here for Important Dates and Deadlines for Graduation. 

Instructions for Graduation Application:

  • Log in to Catalyst at
  • Go to the “My Academics Tab.” 
  • Scroll down the page until “Application for Graduation” appears in the left-side navigation menu.  Click that link.
  • Follow the steps to submit your application and application fee.
  • Remember that your application is not complete until you are presented with a final “application accepted” screen.
  • The Online Graduation Application will collect a $50.00 fee by credit card as part of the application process.
    • Certificate completion students do NOT have to pay the application fee.

Please send questions regarding the new Catalyst graduation application to

For additional information about graduation go to

For information regarding the UC’s Commencement Ceremony go to


Step 3. After Graduation

Once your college has certified your degree award to the Registrar's Office, and once that office has processed that college certification, you will be able to order official transcripts and/or generate degree certification documents recording your degree award.  College degree certifications usually are received and fully-processed within four weeks following the end of the term.  The last weeks of the approximately six week full process are dedicated to diploma preparation and printing.  And so, the degree certification document and/or official transcripts will be available to you earlier than will the diploma.

  • Degree Certification – allow 3-4 weeks from the end of the term to verify you have graduated.
  • Transcripts You may place an order for one or more official transcripts after you have accessed your Degree Certification. 

    A fee of $8.50 per transcript will be collected by credit card for this service.  Because the transcript ordering system will accept your order even if you have not graduated, you are strongly advised not to order an official transcript until you have confirmed your degree award.

  • Diploma – diplomas will be mailed to the address in the graduation application approximately 6 weeks after the end of the term. Click here for more information about your diploma.