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Working From Home

Accessing your PC remotely

Please note that your PC must be turned on to access remotely. VPN Instructions

  1. If you are on a UC owned device skip to step 4
  2. Go to the AnyConnect VPN page
  3. Download and Install the appropriate Installer
  4. Open the Cisco AnyConnect Client from your start menu
  5. Enter vpn.uc.edu in the text box that appears in the bottom right corner.
  6. Click Connect
  7. Log in with your central login credentials
  8. You can verify connectivity by clicking AnyConnect in your system tray to view the connection status
  9. Open Remote Desktop Connection from your Start Menu
  10. Enter your PC name followed by .uccc.uc.edu (ex: IS-PC-006.uccc.uc.edu) - If you do not know your pc number please contact the Clermont Support Desk.
  11. Enter your central login password - Note: Your username must have the UCCC\ in front of it.

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