UC Clermont

Computer Labs & Equipment

UC Clermont College has approximately 275 academic computers and 200+ faculty and staff computers. There are approximately 50 networked printers, 30 servers including virtual servers and 60 network switches spread through six buildings. The Technology Services Department is responsible for maintaining, replacing and upgrading this equipment on an ongoing basis.

All machines are equipped with an available USB ports. The instructional labs are available to UC Clermont students for academic class time use only. Students may use the computers in the Library during posted hours. Computer users are expected to follow all the rules and regulations set forth in the Computer Use Policy.


All computers in the Instructional Labs have Color laser printers. There is currently no charge for printing class work on these printers.

List of printers available on the UC Clermont campus
Building Room Dell Computer Seating
CCEJONES 116 Optiplex 7460 AIO 24
CCEJONES 117 Optiplex 7780 AIO 24
CCEJONES 120 Optiplex 7460 AIO 25
CCMCDONH 110 Optiplex 7400 AIO 24
CCMCDONH 150 Optiplex 7450 AIO 24
CCMCDONH  210 Optiplex 7450 AIO 24

Lab Stats

Here you will find Remote Access to computer Labs so you can access from anywhere on as long as you are on UC Campus or connected to the VPN.