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COVID-19 Campus Updates

The education, health and well-being of the UC Clermont College community is of utmost importance to our faculty, staff and administration. In an effort to keep the UC Clermont community informed and safe, please refer to the below information and links to resources.

UC Announces COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement

The University of Cincinnati announced Sept. 1, 2021 that it is requiring faculty, staff and students to be vaccinated against COVID-19.
The deadline for all UC students, faculty and staff to have at least the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine is Oct. 15, 2021. Those receiving a two-dose sequence must have the second dose by Nov. 15, 2021. For more information and frequently asked questions, please visit: https://www.uc.edu/publichealth/vaccine/requirement.html.


Campus Safety Guidelines, Fall 2021

  • UC Clermont is requiring screening testing for fall semester 2021 for students who have not received the COVID 19 vaccination and are going to be on campus for class or coming to campus to work or use resources like the library, bookstore, tutoring or computer lab. This includes all student athletes and students in the clinical field.
  • Currently, if you are a fully vaccinated incoming or current student, you will be exempt from COVID screening testing if you voluntarily submit proof of vaccination. Proof of vaccination consists of snapshots of your vaccination card (front and back), and you can upload those through email at uccovidcheck@ucmail.uc.edu or using the COVID Check App.
  • All students who will be on campus must download and use the  UC COVID Check App, which will remain in use and operation during fall 2021. The app is free and is required for all UC students.
  • The COVID Check App status of all UC Clermont students will be turned RED,  signifying no access to campus facilities, until you show proof of vaccination or are tested.
  • All students who have in-person classes or labs on our campus including College Credit Plus (CCP) students who are 18 years of age or older — must get tested (or be fully vaccinated) to obtain a Green Pass on their UC COVID Check App prior to the start of in-person classes on Monday Aug. 23. You should also have a Green Pass if you are coming to campus to work or use resources like the library or computer labs. 

Screening Testing

Please note that you must get tested within seven days before returning to campus if not fully vaccinated. UC will make free, fast COVID-19 testing available to students. Students can simply walk-in for their free test.

  • UC Clermont Testing: Wednesday, Aug. 18 from 9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., in the Student Activities Center (bubble building on campus). No registration required. Please bring your identification card or Bearcat ID.
    Students are encouraged to pre-register to make the process go quickly at https://webapps2.uc.edu/CovidTesting/
  • Off-Campus Testing: Students who do not provide proof of being fully vaccinated or cannot take part in return-to-campus testing on the UC Clermont campus on Aug. 18 may submit a PCR test from another provider at uccovidcheck@ucmail.uc.edu. Tests from outside providers cannot be a previous test, nor rapid, antigen or antibody tests, as these are significantly less reliable than the PCR test. If you opt to fulfill your requirement by submitting a PCR test from an outside medical provider, you must submit your test results by Weds., Aug. 18 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Outside facilities may take longer to process your test and provide you with results. You may experience delayed processing of your results after uploading them to the UC COVID Check email if you submit your results after Aug. 18. Please know that you must be tested within seven days before returning to campus.
  • The fastest way to have your test results processed and your app turned green is taking the test on the UC Clermont campus. Results will be automatically uploaded to your COVID Check App within 48-72 hours. If there is a positive test, a Red Pass is issued, and a member of UC’s health care response team personally connects with the user within 24-48 hours to provide additional information and next steps.
  • You may seek a medical or religious exemption from testing. Exemptions must be approved by the UC COVID Response Team. Please do not send exemption requests or medical/religious information via email. Seek exemptions using the online form only. 
  • Students who fail to test or provide proof of off campus testing or vaccination, will receive a red pass and will not be allowed to attend classes on campus. Students may also be subject to discipline pursuant to the Student Code of Conduct.
  • During Fall Term, students who do not submit proof of full vaccination may be subject to participate in screening testing.

Facial Coverings

Keeping with new guidance from the CDC, we will require all individuals, both fully vaccinated and those not fully vaccinated, to wear a facial covering indoors (unless you have received an exemption or accommodation; or when eating, drinking or alone in a private room). See more details on facial coverings.

For More Information

COVID-19 vaccination is available to members of the campus community through many medical providers and pharmacies, including UC Health, HealthSource and Hamilton County Health Collaborative. If you have any questions, you can contact the COVID Check Hotline at
513-558-1773 or 513-558-1772.
You can also contact Dr. Mona Sedrak, UC Clermont Pandemic Response Lead via email at mona.sedrak@uc.edu.  

Additional Helpful Links

Safety and Facilities Information

In implementing our campus safety plan, these safety protocols will remain in effect until further notice.

1.  Before returning to campus for the first time, all employees must successfully complete a brief online information session administered by University Health Services to ensure awareness of the CDC and ODH guidelines. The tutorial can be found on the Success Factors website

2.  Before returning to campus for the first time, all supervisors and lab leaders must complete a health safety assessment of their workplace setting. Find more information, including deadlines for completion, on the Assessment of Workplace Settings website.

3.  Before coming to campus each day, all employees must complete a self-administered wellness check based on the CDC and ODH guidelines. The wellness check can be found on the Self-Administered Wellness Check website. All employees who have symptoms that may relate to COVID-19 should use the COVID Check App to report. 

4.  All employees must wear facial coverings on campus, except while eating or alone in a private space.  

5.  All employees must adhere to social-distancing requirements.

6.  All areas must clean and sanitize their workplace settings throughout the day. These efforts will supplement cleaning and sanitizing activities that will occur after hours by our facilities staff. Specific directions can be found on the Facilities Management website.

7.  All employees must continue to abide by restrictions on travel detailed on the Travel Restrictions website.

8.  All employees who meet the CDC’s definition of individuals at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19 may continue to work remotely. CDC information on risk factors is available on the CDC website. Please contact Human Resources to submit a request to work remotely due to being at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19.

9.  For more information on mental health resources, please check out the Human Resources website.

10.   For more information regarding safety and wellness, please check out the Safe Work Environment and Wellness Resources website.