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Calico Children's Theatre

At Calico Children's Theatre, our goal is to provide an experience where a child's imagination can soar while maintaining quality and affordable pricing for our audiences. We hope that each visit to the theatre sparks curiosity in our youth to educate and incorporate the lessons they learn into their everyday lives. There's nothing like witnessing the light in a child's eyes as the curtains open and the stage comes alive!

Performances Information


2021-2022 season

Due to unforseen challenges arising from Covid we have regretfully postponed our in-person season of live performances until fall 2022. 

However, stay tuned for upcoming online virtual viewing opportunities we are looking into for school groups and our general public audience.   

As always, thank you for supporting the arts in our community!

For more information, contact Community Arts at 513-558-1215 or
via email at clc-artsandevents@uc.edu.