UC Clermont

Pay for Print

There is a cost for printing on any public computers on campus.

Printing a Document

You will need your username and/or Bearcat Card to release a print job to the printer. Follow these steps:

  • Initiate the print job from the lab computer.
  • On the Print Release Station Select your Username
  • A list of print jobs will be displayed on the monitor with user name, file name, # of Pages, Cost of Job, and Time Submitted.
  • If you do not have any Free Quota available you will need to swipe your Bearcat Card.
  • Select or Highlight your print job and click on the PRINT button.
  • Print jobs will remain in the queue for 4 hours before they are deleted.

Printing Costs

At the beginning of every semester, all enrolled Clermont College students will receive $10.50 of subsidized printing (150 free prints). The cost for each black and white page is $.07.  The cost for each color page is $.35.

Paying for the Prints

You may fund the prints by any of the methods below:

  • Use the subsidized printing credits
  • Deposit additional money to your Bearcat Card by signing into BlackBoard and selecting the Bearcat Card tab, or by calling the Bearcat Card Office at 513-556-2000.