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Spring Fling 2019

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Affinity Groups at UC Clermont


UC Clermont hosts an affinity group for students who identify as LGBTQ+. This group meets in person and virtually during the academic year. The group is facilitated by a faculty advisor, Dr. Tom Dinsmore, who can be reached at Thomas.Dinsmore@uc.edu.   

Advisory Board

Headshot of Suguna Chundur

Suguna Chundur

Professor, CC Information Technology



 I was hired as a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems at UC Clermont in 2005 and currently work as Professor of Information Technology there. I have a Masters in Systems Analysis and Design  from Miami University's School of Engineering and Applied Science and a PhD in Educational Research Methods from College of Education and Crimnal Justice, University of Cincinnati.

My interests are in exploring the use of open source software in the academic environment, pedagogy of teaching and learning in online environments, student learning and retention in introductory computer programming courses, exploring digital divide among adult learners and the impact of Artificial Intelligence on teaching and learning.  I teach a range of courses in programming, web development, systems administration and information security.  I am also currently working on ABET accreditation of the IT program at UC Clermont.
Headshot of Ganesh B Malla

Ganesh B Malla

Assoc Professor, CC Mathematics

252K CC Snyder Addition


Headshot of Wei Zha

Wei Zha

Professor, CC Communications



Headshot of Jennifer Radt

Jennifer Radt

Senior Director, Student Affairs


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