UC Clermont

English Guided Self Placement

Identifying the “write” first course for students.

UC Clermont offers three different entry-level writing courses to meet students’ needs.

That’s where Guided Self Placement (GSP) comes in. You are the expert on you. The survey is not a test: it asks questions about your writing experiences and study habits.

The survey will calculate a score based on your responses and recommend which one of the three possible writing courses you should take first. You will then review the descriptions of the courses, consider your survey score, and choose the course that best serves your needs.

Students place into one of three English courses:

ENGL 0099 Preparatory Composition

This course that focuses on reading complex, college-level articles and using this information in longer writing assignments.  Typically, students are expected to write assignments that are 3-5 pages long.  After finishing ENGL 0099, students will need to take ENGL 1001.

ENGL 1001-Alternative

This course is focused on supporting students in completing the work of ENGL 1001 by providing additional academic structures to support student success.  Students in the course will have access to an embedded tutor and will also have an opportunity to work with an individual in the Student Success office for additional support. (This course is not available to students in online (distance learning) programs. If you scored in in this range, please select either ENGL 0099 and ENGL 1001 based on the review of course descriptions.)

ENGL 1001 English Composition

This is a required writing course for students in all majors at the University.  Students are required to write the equivalent of 20 pages of polished, formal writing across 4-5 projects by the end of the course.  Students learn to find and use credible sources of information to support points in their own writing.

Contact Information

Placement Coordinator
Email: clctest@uc.edu