UC Clermont


To Qualify for Services

Accessibility Resources provides assistance and appropriate accommodations for students with all types of disabilities. Students are encouraged to use these services as a support to their own efforts.

It is the student's responsibility to obtain the required documentation, although Accessibility Resources will assist in special circumstances. If you believe you have a learning disability that has not been diagnosed, testing may be coordinated through the Accessibility Resources office.

Services for Students with Documented Disabilities

Depending on individual need, students may be eligible for one or more of the following services or accommodations:

  • notetaker
  • tutor
  • interpreter
  • extended testing time
  • scribe
  • reader
  • tape recorder
  • communication aids
  • class scheduling
  • voter registration assistance
When enrolling in classes at UC Clermont College, Accessibility Resources should be notified immediately to ensure appropriate and reasonable accommodations. The requirements for certificate and degree programs are the same for students with disabilities as they are for any other student entering Clermont College.

After completing early registration, documented students should bring a copy of their schedule to Accessibility Resources to ensure appropriate and reasonable accommodations.

At the beginning of each TERM, all self-identified, registered and documented students with disabilities should obtain an Accommodation Form from Accessibility Resources. The form states the appropriate academic accommodations necessary for the student's success.

Procedures for Test Taking

The students are responsible for reminding faculty of any special testing arrangements in advance to ensure tests are placed at the testing center. In addition, students need to inform the testing center of the date and time of tests as soon as they are announced

Testing accommodations will be provided by the testing center.

Any questions? Please contact Amy Simerly, program coordinator, Accessibility Resources (513) 732-5327 or email amy.simerly@uc.edu.