UC Clermont

UC Clermont Transition-Oriented Programs

Each semester, students transition from UC Clermont to the UC Clifton/Uptown campus. Students begin their academic journey in a Clermont program and then change to another college to complete their bachelor’s degree.

Transition-oriented programs provide students with prerequisite courses or the first two years of their education before transitioning into a baccalaureate program at our college, the UC Clifton/Uptown campus, UC Blue Ash or another college or university. Clermont programs are intended to align with the academic requirements for other UC programs to support a student’s transition from one program to another and from the completion of an associate degree to a bachelor's program.

UC Clermont Programs Eligible for Transition

Preparing to Transition? Follow These Steps!

If you are a UC Clermont student and are planning to transition into a baccalaureate degree program, please review the steps provided to prepare you for transitioning.