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Math Placement Test Workshop Student Reviews

I like how friendly and helpful everyone was especially the instructor. He was very thorough and made sure by the end of any problems that everyone would understand how to solve it. Attending the workshop definitely increased my confidence for taking the placement test. The workshop was thorough and if you need extra help, he will help you. It never hurts to review even if you do excel in math.

I love that the math tutoring services were virtual. With my busy work schedule, it allowed me the ability to attend every tutoring session. The pace of the tutoring lessons was perfect for me. I was able to learn a lot of mathematical rules in a short amount of time that were applicable to a vast number of problems.  

Professor Valentine Johns was a joy to learn from. Even though it was a small group setting, I felt that I had all the individual attention necessary for my success. Valentine would notice just by my expression if I was stuck on something and encourage me to seek the answer. I appreciate his teaching style; I wish I could have him tutor me in all aspects of life!  

If it has been a while since you have taken a math course, or if you want to be sure that you'll pass your placement test with flying colors, then I highly recommend taking full advantage of the wonderful math tutoring services provided by the university. 

The Math Placement Test Workshop is an outstanding service that has proven extremely useful to me in helping me relearn important math skills, as well as prepare me for the math placement test. No matter your math skill level, you will benefit from the workshop as you start with the basics and work your way up from there. 

Dr. Johns was a great tutor, very knowledgeable and helpful. He goes through problems step-by-step and makes sure that you have a good understanding of a certain topic or math concept. He really cares about every student and wants them to do their best. 

For me, someone who has not practiced these math skills in quite a while, this was the perfect solution to prepare for the placement test. I highly recommend that anyone looking to prepare for the placement test consider the Math Placement Test Workshop.

The best part of the math review is how flexible it is. You can miss a day or two and not be far behind, and the questions we cover are actually relevant, unlike some math reviews I’ve had before. The tutor was great. He put things in simple terms, and I appreciated how patient he was. I recommend anyone to take this; it's helpful, and even if it ends up not working out, you can just drop it. And it's not a huge time commitment — my review was only three hours a week!

I really liked the frequency of the workshop. Three days per week was perfect for me. It wasn’t too much of an overload but was plenty of time to get a good grasp of the materials being reviewed. 

Dr. Johns was very helpful and available. He explained things in ways that made sense for everyone who was participating in the workshops. He was also very inviting of questions. This was really important for me as that is my learning style. He also showed us plenty of nice tricks for simplification too, which helped me to feel more comfortable without a calculator.

Come open-minded and willing to learn. For me personally, I was able to learn different or easier ways to work problems that I already knew how to do one way. Work the practice problems given to you. It’s important to feed your mind to gain understanding. And if you don’t know how to solve them, email your instructor for clarification.

I liked the Math for Science workshop because it helped me review topics I have not seen in a while. The workshop increased my confidence as I began my Intro to Chemistry class. It also has helped me in my class because I had forgotten some key concepts since high school. I think some things can be taken away, like adding, and it could go a little faster. Professor Johns is great, and it is important to brush up those math skills even if you just came out of high school. 

I attended the Math for Science workshop the week before classes started, and I liked it because it gave me an overview of math that will be used in the chemistry lab. The workshop also gave me the confidence to do my post-lab calculations. It was helpful especially for me while taking chemistry lab virtually; otherwise, I would have to come to campus to get help from a math tutor. Please attend this workshop because it will make post-lab calculations very simple and clear!