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This resource library contains a collection of different resources to assist you with your future plans. Whether you are currently progressing through your college career or preparing to graduate soon, these resources will guide you through important professional and personal skills.  

Handshake is a great resource for UC students to meet and talk with career centers and recruiters to learn more about available opportunities. If you are interested in creating an account, visit our Handshake: Job Search Platform section and visit the following link for additional information!

Handshake Instagram Story by @joinhandshake

  • This Instagram story goes over why joining Handshake is beneficial for job searching.

Having a resume is essential when searching for a job. A great resume can showcase why you are the perfect candidate for the job; however, a poorly written one can achieve the opposite. Take a look at some of the links below for additional support on creating/polishing your resume! Also, more information about writing a resume can be found in the Resume Review section under Career Preparation.

Resume Writing YouTube Video

  • This YouTube video outlines why having a targeting resume is beneficial.

TikToks by @myprofessionalagenda and @erinmcgoff

  • These TikTok videos explain how to create descriptive bullet points on your resume.

What Employers Look for in a Resume by The Balance

  • This article provides a view of what employers look for in a resume.

Having a cover letter is a helpful addition to your resume when applying for jobs. Although often marked as optional on job applications, including one can help your application stand out from the rest! Take a look at some of the links before for additional support on creating/polishing your cover letter. 

TikTok by @selfmademillennial

  • This TikTok video provides knowledge on important information you should include in your cover letter. 

How to Write a Cover Letter YouTube Video

  • This YouTube video explains how to format your cover letter with examples. 

Writing a Cover Letter That Will Stand Out by Robert Half Talent Solutions

  • This article outlines some tips on having a well-written cover letter. 

Having people who can advocate positively for you can help you stand out amongst a pool of candidates for a job. It is important to take time choosing individuals you can trust and count on speaking highly on your behalf. Below are some links that provide additional information on how you can choose great references. 

TikTok by @greglangstaff

  • This TikTok explains and provides a great e-mail template to use when asking for references.

Professional References 101: How to Ask for a Reference & Who to Turn to by Glassdoor

  • This article does a quick overview of some basics of what to do when asking for references, as well as provides great templates.

Interviewing can be a tough skill to master as it can be difficult to prepare answers to questions on the spot in an often stressful environment. Consider taking a look at some of the links below for additional support. Also, more information about interviewing can be found in the Interviewing section under Career Preparation.

TikTok by @jackiecaves

  • This TikTok video demonstrates how to answer, "Do you have any questions for us?"

Common Interview Questions by The Muse

  • This article provides examples of over 50 interview questions. 

Scam e-mails can look very similar to legit ones, so it's important to carefully review any e-mails that you receive to make sure that they are real. Consider taking a look at some of the links below for additional support. 

TikTok by @rob_cancilla

  • This TikTok video reviews a scam e-mail and analyzes what red flags you should look out for. 

Protect Yourself Against Job Scams by Flex Jobs

  • This article explains different scams you should be aware of while job searching.