UC Clermont

General Education

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In all of UC Clermont's degree programs, general education courses provide a broad base of foundational skills to draw upon during college and beyond, reinforcing our commitment to lifelong learning.

There are five core general education competencies:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Effective Communication
  • Information Literacy
  • Knowledge Integration
  • Social Responsibility

In addition, UC encourages students to take six hours of contemporary topics courses, which can be fulfilled with courses that meet Diversity and Culture (DC), Social and Ethical Issues (SE), or Technical and Innovation (TI) designations. Faculty have designed assessment plans that measure student learning and achievement of core competencies. Program assessment plans will address all five competencies, while individual general education course assessments target the most appropriate outcomes to the discipline.

Because many of our UC Clermont students transfer to the UC Uptown campus, our General Education plan aligns with UC’s baccalaureate General Education plan. Courses that satisfy UC Clermont College’s General Education Breadth of Knowledge (BoK) requirements also satisfy the University’s BoK requirements. General Education courses are marked with BoK indicators on the One Stop student registration site and in the university's Student Information System.

Courses by discipline are designed within the following Breadth of Knowledge (BoK) categories:

English Composition (EC)
Quantitative Reasoning (QR)
Fine Arts (FA)
Historical Perspectives (HP)
Humanities and Literature (HU)
Natural Science (NS)
Social Science (SS)

All graduates of UC Clermont College must have the minimum of 6 semester credit hours of EC; 3 credit hours of QR; a choice of 3 credit hours selected from HP, HU, or FA; 3 credit hours of NS; 3 credit hours of SS; and a first year experience course. Applied associate degrees require a minimum of 18 general education credit hours, plus a first year experience course. Associate of arts or associate of science degrees require a minimum of 30 general education credit hours, plus a first year experience course. Some academic programs specify more general education hours; programs may or may not specify particular courses with each Breadth of Knowledge category. Specific information on any program or certificate can be found on the program pages. An alphabetical list of all majors and programs can be found at http://www.ucclermont.edu/academics/majors-programs.html.