UC Clermont

Preparatory Composition Course Tutoring Services

Students enrolled in UC Clermont Preparatory English courses have dedicated support from professional tutors. Information about these services and how to connect with the tutor is included in the course syllabus. All services are currently provided remotely. Tutoring support is free.

Preparatory Composition (ENGL 0099) tutoring offers a personalized approach that takes into consideration the student’s immediate and long-term goals, level of comfort, method of learning, and pacing. Some of the areas and skills the tutor can assist with include generating ideas, creating positive work and study habits, writer’s block and anxiety, motivation, reading comprehension, finding a strong topic, outlining, research methods, introduction paragraphs and thesis statements, arguments and claims, rhetorical analysis, integrating sources and quoting, No-Fear MLA citations, confidence, formal writing, formatting your paper, grammar, editing, revision, etc.