UC Clermont

Preparatory Composition Individual Tutoring

Students in need of individual tutoring can email UCCLearningCommons@uc.edu to schedule an appointment with a tutor.

Transitioning to UC Clermont Learning Commons Support Services

As you begin the new semester, we wanted to provide you with a guide on how to benefit from the following FREE tutoring and academic support services offered at UC Clermont Learning Commons.

One-on-one tutoring is available for many subjects, including math! You can schedule tutoring appointments or participate in study groups by sending an email to UCCLearningCommons@ucmail.uc.edu.  

Learning Resources

You can also access many free resources online.  

  •         Pre-College Math Review
  •         Algebra and Calculus Review
  •         Note-taking and Test-taking Strategies
  •         Learning Styles and Study Habits
  •         Writing Resources
  •         Anxiety, Attitude and Stress
  •         Online Learning Strategies
  •         Business Writing Materials