UC Clermont

UC Clermont Preparatory Composition

As part of UC Clermont’s initiative to help you succeed every step of the way, a professional tutor will be “embedded” in your 0099 course. This means the tutor is dedicated to working with your class throughout the semester, whether individually or in groups. As part of the 0099 course, you’ll be asked to meet with the tutor a given number of times, but you can make as many appointments as you’d like.

How to Make an Appointment

  • You may either set up an appointment via email at UCCLearningCommons@uc.edu, or you can come to the Learning Commons and set up the appointment through the desk attendant. We’re located in Peters-Jones 105.
  • Embedded tutors will make time throughout the week to take walk-in, face-to-face appointments. Those hours are dedicated to you! Communicate with your tutor if you’d like to know the tutor’s walk-in availability. Learning Commons is in Peters-Jones 105 and is open from 9-2 p.m., Monday through Friday. After 2 p.m., students may make appointments for sessions done remotely. 
  • When you send an email request for an appointment, please let us know several options about your availability in terms of days and times. The more you provide, the easier it will be to find a match.
  • In addition, let us know which section you’re in, or your professor’s name. Most importantly, please Please let us know how you’d like to have the appointment. Your options are phone, in-person, Zoom, WebEx, Teams, video feedback and, depending on the situation, email feedback.
  • With video feedback, you receive a 15-minute video in which your paper is captured on the screen. The tutor walks you through the suggested revisions via recorded audio. Past students have found this method most useful.
  • You may bring any kind of writing to your appointments. In fact, you don’t even have to have written material in order to have a session. If you want to talk about ideas, writing anxiety or different strategies, and so on, feel free to make that appointment.  

Topics and Strategies We May Cover

  • Resourcefulness (research, evaluating sources, how to cite)
  • Writing Habits (time-management, revision, writer’s anxiety, writer’s block, big-picture/little-picture, approaches to drafting, overcoming self-consciousness and doubt)
  • Structure and Organization (First paragraphs, thesis statements, genre conventions, elaboration and support, conclusions, anticipating audiences’ needs and expectations)
  • Argument (evaluating topics, evaluating sources, synthesis, generating informed ideas and opinions, writing with authority and making claims, persuasive techniques, using evidence, understanding audience)
  • Style, Tone, Voice (genre conventions, audience-awareness)
  • Reading Comprehension (deep-reading, note-taking techniques, study techniques, grappling with difficult language, comparing texts)
  • Generating Ideas (brainstorming, mind-maps, expository writing, reflection)
  • Revision Techniques (rewriting, fluff-removal techniques, time-management, streamlining, learning how to edit your own work)
  • Sentences (fragments / complete sentences, punctuation, spelling, tense, paragraphs, etc.)
  • Anything that has to do with reading and writing!

Workshops for Academic Writing

The UC Clermont Learning Commons Academic Writing Center hosts various workshops and activities, including:

  • The Citation Olympics, Thursday, Oct. 21, 12-1:30 p.m. Room TBA.
  • Creative Writing Workshop
    • The creative writing workshop is open to all UC Clermont students. No prior experience is necessary. The workshop is a biweekly group where students read and respond to one another’s creative writing, whether it’s fiction, nonfiction, poetry, comics, etc.
    • If you are interested, please contact Don Peteroy at UCCLearningCommons@ucmail.uc.edu
    • It’d be most helpful that, when you reach out, you give us a sense of what day and time would be most convenient for you to meet biweekly. The schedule for the workshop will be made to reflect similarities in respondents’ available times.
  • Library Research Treasure Hunt  TBA
  • Grammar Filibuster TBA
These events are open to all UC Clermont students.