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Why study Aviation Technology?

Aviation Technology combines pilot training with the on-the-ground skills you need for a career as a professional pilot. In addition to flying passenger aircraft for major and commuter airlines, pilots also crew cargo jets, and corporate aircraft and serve the military and law enforcement.  Others fly emergency medical services, perform aerial surveying and photography, and conduct sight-seeing flights. Some pilots participate in firefighting, rescue searches, and other public service flying, while others become flight instructors.

Being a pilot requires strict attention to safety, management of crew resources, knowledge of weather and navigation, and intimate knowledge of the aircraft and the mechanics of flight. Aviation Technology insures you learn these skills along with earning your pilot certifications.

Professional pilot training in the UC Clermont College Aviation Technology program is provided by Sporty’s Academy, Inc. Sporty’s Academy is the educational division of the highly acclaimed Sporty’s Pilot Shop — the world’s largest provider of aviation educational resources and pilot supplies. Sporty’s Academy is a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved pilot school, holder of FAA Air Agency Certificate #XSTS103K, headquartered at the Clermont County Airport in Batavia, Ohio, less than a mile from the UC Clermont campus.

Federal regulations require the University of Cincinnati to publicly disclose whether completion of certain programs that lead or may lead to professional licensure or certification would meet a given state’s educational requirements for a specific professional license or certification required for employment in an occupation (regardless of whether the program is on-ground, online, or hybrid).   To learn whether a University program meets a given state’s educational requirements, please visit the University of Cincinnati State Authorization webpage.

Admission Requirements

This program is open to all students with a high school diploma or GED and the desire to succeed in college. Although admission is open, students accepted into the program must meet the academic standards of the program to advance to upper levels of study.

As a first-year student, you will need to take an English and mathematics placement test if you have not obtained the minimum ACT/SAT score required for exemption. These tests do not affect your admission; however, the results are essential for your proper placement in classes. You must complete placement tests before you register for English or mathematics courses. All placement tests are given free of charge.

To be accepted into the aviation program, you must pass an FAA medical examination.

Aviation Financial Considerations

The Aviation Technology program at the University of Cincinnati Clermont College is subject to additional fees related to the operation of aircraft and individualized instruction. Below is an outline of expected costs, but in this technical training environment, costs can vary.

Medical Certificate (Approx. Cost = $120)

Students enrolling in the Aviation Technology program must obtain a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Medical Certificate (First Class recommended) before beginning flight training. Medical certification can be obtained from any FAA-designated Aviation Medical Examiner (AME).

Dr. John Held is available on select Saturdays at the aviation campus (Clermont County Airport). Call for an appointment (513-735-9100 x0). You may also search for additional Aviation Medical Examiners in your area online at http://ame.cami.jccbi.gov.

Examination Fees (Approx. Cost = $2,500)

Three FAA written examinations are required for the certificates and ratings you will receive while enrolled in the program. Written examinations may be taken on the aviation campus at a cost of $160 each. There are also four practical examinations (flight tests) administered by an FAA Designated Examiner at an approximate cost of $500 each.

Special Equipment and Texts (Approx. Cost = $800)

Flight training requires some specialized equipment. The pilot supplies needed (headset, flight computer, fuel tester, charts, etc.) will be primarily one-time purchases at an approximate cost of $800. The average cost of aviation textbooks and materials is $100 per semester. We recommend that you do not buy your aviation textbooks/equipment until after the first day of class. The instructor will discuss important information regarding the selection of texts/equipment.

Flight Fees (Cost = $8,757 per designated course)

Aviation flight fees include the cost of aircraft operation and associated flight and ground instruction for five semesters of aviation coursework. The flight fees are associated with your Pilot Flight sequence of courses (AVTN 2021, 2022, 3021, 3022, 3023). This fee will appear on your invoice from the University when registering for one of these courses and must be paid prior to beginning each semester. Fees are based upon the minimum required flight training. An aviation fuel surcharge may be assessed on a semester basis depending on market conditions.

Students are responsible for costs associated with additional flight training. A minimum account balance of $500 is required at all times. Excess funds are refundable upon completion of the program.

At the successful completion of training, you will receive a Commercial Pilot Certificate with Airplane Single-Engine Land and Instrument Ratings. In addition, the program offers an option of a multiengine rating. The total cost of the Single-Engine program includes the following:

Cost of Single-Engine Program

Single-Engine Program Requirements

Amount of Time Needed in Hours

Cessna 172 Skyhawk


Retractable Gear Airplane


Flight Simulator





Aircraft Insurance (Approx. Cost = $600 annually)

When using program aircraft, students are covered with aircraft liability insurance for third-party bodily injury and property damage claims. The aircraft insurance does not cover renters or students in the event of damage to the aircraft they are flying. In other words, renters, including solo student pilots, are responsible for aircraft damage. The only exception is if they are on a dual, instructional flight.

All aircraft renters are encouraged to carry their own renter's aircraft physical damage (hull) insurance. A minimum of $60,000 in hull coverage is recommended which can be obtained for approximately $600 annually. Please visit Sporty's Academy for more information.

Financial Aid

Financial aid and student loans are available for all costs and fees associated with the aviation program. It takes approximately 12 weeks to obtain money through most financial aid programs. For more information, please contact the Clermont College Financial Aid Office at 513-732-5284. For a listing of collegiate aviation scholarships, go to www.SportysAcademy.com/scholarships.


For additional questions, contact the Aviation Technology program coordinator, Jayme Frederick at jfrederick@sportys.com.

You must be able to make quick decisions and accurate judgments under pressure. You must be able to maintain a high level of alertness while working irregular work schedules and spending time away from home. You must be physically fit, have excellent eyesight and be able to pass the required FAA physicals. You must also be organized and detail oriented.

Watch our YouTube video to learn more about careers and training in aviation.

You can look forward to employment as a pilot in many specialized areas. Opportunities include the following:

  • airline pilot
  • corporate pilot
  • charter pilot
  • military
  • law enforcement
  • aviation management
  • flight instructor
  • airport manager
  • airline dispatcher

Academic advising is an essential part of your educational experience. 

We are committed to providing advice and assistance throughout your academic journey. You and your advisor work together to create an academic plan based on your goals.

Questions? Email us at clermont.advising@uc.edu or call 513-558-8317 to schedule an appointment.

The UC Clermont campus is on 91 wooded acres located in Batavia, Ohio, in the heart of Clermont County. Our faculty-to-student ratio is low. You will find small class sizes and personal interaction with your instructors create the ideal learning environment. Parking is convenient and at no additional charge. Plus, our tuition is the lowest of the UC colleges.

As an aviation student, you will be part of a group of dedicated students who receive individualized attention on the ground and in the air. You will receive specialized flight instruction using an advanced simulator with visual display and learn from the highly rated aviation staff at Sporty’s Academy, the acclaimed education affiliate of Sporty’s Pilot Shop, the world’s largest provider of aviation educational material.

Your actual flight time will be logged in a fleet of modern, well-maintained aircraft including the Cessna 172 Skyhawk, Cessna 182 Skylane, multi-engine Piper Aztec and several advanced flight simulation devices. (Additional flight fees apply.)

Other benefits include the opportunity to participate in one of several professional internship programs with locally based airlines. In fact, selected graduates can work as flight instructors at Sporty’s Academy, logging flight time while continuing their education.

For more information on pilot licensing, regulations and medical examinations, visit the Federal Aviation Administration webpage.

For information regarding tuition and fees associated with this program, please see Aviation Financial Considerations.

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Partnering with Industry

The Aviation Technology program is proud to partner with leading aviation organizations including airlines and corporate flight departments. These industry alliances provide important guidance toward the career preparedness of graduates.

Partnerships and affiliations offer unique learning experiences for UC aviators and valuable opportunities for future professional aviation employment in the form of internships, co-ops and training.

Current partners include:

  • CommutAir
  • Executive Jet Management
  • Kroger flight department
  • Procter & Gamble Global Flight Operations
  • Republic Airways
  • Skywest Airlines

In order to graduate from UC Clermont, a student must:

  • Complete all required course work and program requirements.
  • Obtain at least a 2.0 university grade point average.
  • Be in good academic standing; that is, not on academic or disciplinary probation or suspension.
  • Meet the college's residency requirement of 20 semester credit hours.
  • File formal application for the degree by the posted semester of graduation deadline.

We accept transfer applications all year long and you may start any semester, provided your transcripts arrive in time to be evaluated before the start of the semester you wish to attend.

If you have not taken college-level mathematics or English, you will need to take the placement test.

To be accepted into the aviation program, you must pass an FAA medical examination. 

Other UC students may transfer into UC Clermont by completing the application for change in college and program form. You are urged to see your advisor before transferring into a different major to minimize any impact on your degree progress.

To be accepted into the aviation program, you must pass an FAA medical examination.

You must demonstrate English proficiency. You must also meet admissions deadlines and visa requirements, and provide documentation of sufficient funds before we can complete your admission. Please call the International Admissions Office (513) 556-2069 for details or email with questions.

Learn more about becoming an international student at UC Clermont.

To be accepted into the aviation program, you must pass an FAA medical examination.

Application Deadlines

For specific deadline information,visit the Admissions webpage.

Please note that admission to the Aviation program is only available FALL terms.

FAA regulations mandate that flight training programs adhere to specific guidelines regarding the scheduling and duration of flight training sessions. These regulations require a structured and consistent training schedule to ensure the safety and competency of student pilots. Admitting students only during the fall term allows us to align our program schedule effectively with these regulations, thereby enhancing the quality and safety of flight training.

Be sure to allow enough time to complete your FAA medical examination.

The University of Cincinnati and all regional campuses are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.


Pilot training in the UC Clermont College Aviation Technology Program is provided by Sporty’s Academy, Inc. Sporty’s Academy is a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved pilot school, holder of FAA Air Agency Certificate #XSTS103K, headquartered at the Clermont County Airport in Batavia, Ohio.


Contact Information

Clermont College
4200 Clermont College Drive
Batavia, OH 45103
(513) 558-8316

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