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Interim Department Chair

Headshot of Brenda K. Poynter

Brenda K. Poynter

Associate Professor Educator, CC Surgical Technology

259 CC West Woods Acad Cntr


Program Manager

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Dayna Brown

Program Manager, Technology & Health Information Systems Department and Science & Health Department


Laboratory Manager


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Josh Eugene Snyder

Sr Lab Associate, CC Science & Health




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Anne-Lise Girard

Sr. Lab Associate, Science & Health

CLER SNYDER 277 4200 Clermont College Dr Batavia OH 45103-0162

Department Faculty

Headshot of David L Blevins

David L Blevins

Assistant Professor Educator, CC Surgical Technology

283 CC West Woods Acad Cntr


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Kimberly Ann Buschmeier

Instructor - Educator, CC Respiratory Therapy

S252J CC Snyder Addition


Headshot of Emily Christine Clem

Emily Christine Clem

Asst Professor - Educator, CC Respiratory Therapy

252-J CC Snyder Addition


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Kaylin G Earnest

Asst Professor, CC Chemistry

252N CC Snyder Addition


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Katie Elizabeth Faris

Asst Professor - Educator, CC Physical Therapy Assisting



Headshot of Jill M. Gomez

Jill M. Gomez

Professor, CC Social Work

CC Facil Mgmt Bldg


Dr. Jill Gomez, Jill Gomez, LISW-S, LICDC-CS is a full-time, tenured faculty member at UC Clermont College. In 2016 she became a certified Chopra Center Perfect Health Ayurveda Instructor.   As an Ayurveda educator she is commitment to teaching mindfulness/meditation and balance to graduate level students and/or other interested individuals. Dr. Gomez has spent the past the past 30 years serving individuals and families impacted by substance use disorders. Prior to her work as a consultant she worked part-time for the Mental Health and Recovery Board in Warren and Clinton County. Her work on the local level has been extensive as well as her role as a CARF accreditation surveyor.
Headshot of M. Vicky Gomez-Stallons

M. Vicky Gomez-Stallons

Assistant Professor, CC Biology



Headshot of Nestor T Hilvano

Nestor T Hilvano

Professor, CC Biology



Nestor T. Hilvano, M.D., M.P.H. is Professor of Biological Sciences in Department of Science and Health at University of Cincinnati, Clermont College and Professor Adjunct Affiliate of Doctor of Nursing Practice-Anesthesia  at University of Cincinnati, College of Nursing. Currently Dr. Hilvano teaches anatomy and physiology, microbiology, and advanced human physiology and pathophysiology courses. Prior to joining University of Cincinnati, Dr. Hilvano has a long history with Anatomical Science Education as Professor of Anatomy, Histology and Neurobiology (Brain and Behavior) in medical schools for 19 years, has served as Chair of the Department of Anatomy at Far Eastern University-NRMF Institute of Medicine and St. Luke's Medical Center College of Medicine, and has medical practice as general practice/family physician that manages common and long-term illnesses, focusing on overall health and well-being, and as occupational health care physician focused on the treatment of work-related injuries and illnesses. His research interests are in neuroscience localizing structures and neurochemical transmitters that affect somatosensory perception.

Dr. Hilvano is a Fellow in Anatomy Society and active member of the American Association for Anatomy (AAA). He has served as Career Development Mentor for the Mentor Match program, a virtual microscopy database user, and has served in the Committee for Early Career Anatomists, Advisory Committee for Young Anatomists, and Short Term Visiting Scholarship Committee of the AAA. He is a peer reviewer of abstracts and articles in anatomical-biomedical science and educational research, and external peer reviewer on anatomy video resource.  
Headshot of Diane Kallmeyer

Diane Kallmeyer

Dr. , CC Biology

CC Student Services Build


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Lenora J Lada

Instructor - Educator, CC Medical Assisting

CC Facil Mgmt Bldg


Headshot of Karen M. M Mathis, Ph.D.

Karen M. M Mathis, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, CC Biology



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Taylor Matthew Roberge

Asst Professor, CC Biology

CC Student Services Build


Headshot of Carolyn Shisler

Carolyn Shisler

Assistant Professor Educator, CC Physical Therapy Assisting

285 CC West Woods Acad Cntr


Prof. Shisler is an Assistant Professor and the Program Director for the Physical Therapist Assistant Program.

She holds a B.S. in physical therapy from Marquette University and an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Cincinnati. 

Her teaching content is in the area of acute care physical therapy and the medically complex patient. Most recently, her focus has been on improving collaboration and communication within the PT-PTA team. Prof. Shisler has established intraprofessional experiences with two local DPT programs and completed her master’s theses on the intraprofessional team as it relates to the entry-level skills for the acute care PTA.

Her goal as a faculty member is to relate her love for her patients and her profession to her students.  Physical therapy is more than just treating a diagnosis, it is treating a person. She is also passionate about teaching physical therapists and student physical therapists the abundance of knowledge and skills that physical therapist assistants bring to the clinical setting and their patients.

Despite her teaching and administrative schedule, Prof. Shisler continues to work at The Christ Hospital in the acute care setting evaluating and treating people who are critically ill and/or recovering from medical and surgical diagnoses. She has been a practicing PT for over 30 years.
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Jill M Shirokawa

Assoc Professor, CC Chemistry



Headshot of Emily Grace  Westbrook

Emily Grace Westbrook

Assistant Professor, CC Chemistry

252N CC Snyder Addition


Dr. Emily Westbrook is an Assistant Professor of General Chemistry in the Science & Health Department at the University of Cincinnati Clermont College. She has true passion for teaching and chemistry, and enjoys teaching her General Chemistry lecture and lab courses. 
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Bozena Barbara Widanski

Professor, CC Chemistry



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Danielle Winget

Assistant Professor, CC Biology

215H CC Facil Mgmt Bldg


Emeritus Faculty

Headshot of Clifford E. Larrabee

Clifford E. Larrabee

Cliff Larrabee’s background and training is in theoretical and experimental aspects of aqueous solution physical chemistry, particularly the self-assembly of surfactants and polymers. His current research focuses on the design and characterization of nanocarriers for targeted drug delivery.