Science & Health Department

Science & Health Faculty


Department Faculty Information

Department Chair: Dr. Krista Clark
Phone: 513-732-5267

Sonia Jani
Senior Academic Advisor
Phone: 513-732-5339

Carol Adams
Program Manager
Phone: 513-732-5322

Laboratory Manager Biology: Nick Maiorano 

Laboratory Manager Chemistry: Fannie Courtier

Department Personnel

Name Title
David Blevins Instructor Educator of Surgical Technology
Krista Clark Department Chair
Professor of Biology
Jodi Kaminski Assistant Professor Educator of Respiratory Care
Sam Coppoletti Associate Professor of Physical Therapist Assistant
José Pedro do Amaral Associate Professor of Biology
Chris Green Professor of Biology
Nestor Hilvano Professor of Biology
Wilhelm Kossenjans Professor of Biology
Cliff Larrabee
Professor of Chemistry
Karen Mathis
Associate Professor of Biology
Michael Mullarkey
Associate Professor Educator of Respiratory Care
June Owens
Annual Adjunct of Physical Therapist Assistant
Brenda Poynter Associate Professor Educator of Surgical Technology
Michael Preston
Associate Professor of Biology
Carolyn Shisler Instructor Educator of Physical Therapist Assistant
Jill Shirokawa Annual Adjunct Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Bozena Widanski Professor of Chemistry