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Interim Department Chair

Headshot of Gowribalan Ana Vamadeva

Gowribalan Ana Vamadeva

Associate Professor of Mathematics, UCBA Math/Physics/Computer Science



Program Manager

Headshot of Nancy A. Reveal

Nancy A. Reveal

Program Manager, Math, Computers, Geology & Physics


Department Personnel

Headshot of Nicholas P. Abel

Nicholas P. Abel

Associate Professor of Physics, CC Physics

252L CC Snyder Addition


Headshot of Darwin R Church

Darwin R Church

Professor, CC Physics

S272I CC Snyder Addition


Headshot of Ian Clough

Ian Clough

Associate Professor, CC Mathematics

S252D CC Snyder Addition


Headshot of Carolyn R Goodman

Carolyn R Goodman

Headshot of Christopher S Goodman

Christopher S Goodman

Associate Professor Educator, CC CAD & CIM

S252N CC Snyder Addition


Headshot of Amanda Hunt

Amanda Hunt

Associate Professor, CC Geology/Geography

S252A CC Snyder Addition


Headshot of Paul E Jurgens

Paul E Jurgens

Instructor - Adjunct, CC Aviation

CC Facil Mgmt Bldg


Paul Jurgens is a Chief Instructor at Sporty's Academy and UC Clermont. He holds a multiengine ATP certificate with a Cessna Citation type rating along with commercial privileges in single-engine land and sea airplanes, gliders, and hot air balloons. Chief Jurgens holds instructor ratings for single & multiengine airplanes, instrument airplanes, & gliders. He also has instructing privileges in hot air balloons by virtue of his commercial certificate.
Headshot of Ganesh B Malla

Ganesh B Malla

Assoc Professor, CC Mathematics

252K CC Snyder Addition


Headshot of Girija Nair-Hart

Girija Nair-Hart

Associate Professor, CC Mathematics

S252K CC Snyder Addition


Headshot of Michael Vislocky

Michael Vislocky

Associate Professor, CC Mathematics

263 CC West Woods Acad Cntr


Headshot of Eric Radtke

Eric Radtke

Aviation Instructor, Math, Computers, Geology & Physics