UC Clermont

Respiratory Care Faculty

Emily Clem, MS, RRT

Emily Clem, MS, RRT, is an assistant professor in the Respiratory Therapy Program at UC Clermont.  She has six years of teaching experience in various educational settings, as well as nine years’ experience as a respiratory therapist. She serves as the Director of Clinical Education (DCE) for the Respiratory Care Program. As DCE, she coordinates the clinical experiences for all students within the program, liaises with hospital systems to negotiate student schedules, and maintains clinical objectives and competencies for students’ respiratory permits and licensure.


Sarah Dreger, BS, RRT-NPS

Sarah Dreger, BS, RRT-NPS is an anstructor educator for the Respiratory Care Program at UC Clermont. She has been a respiratory therapist for 11 years, with clinical experience in providing critical care to adults, pediatrics and neonates. Five of those years were spent as a clinical educator within a hospital respiratory care department. Dreger is an alumna of the UC Clermont Respiratory Care Program.


Mike Chaney, MS, RRT

Mike Chaney, MS, RRT is the Program Director for the Cincinnati Respiratory Care program as well as the Program Chair for the Respiratory Care Program at Cincinnati State College. Chaney is a graduate of the Cincinnati State Respiratory Care Program.