UC Clermont

Paralegal Course Guide

Associate of Applied Business

Total Hours: 63

If you have a Bachelor'€™s Degree, see our Post Bach Certificate Program

Note: Consult Admissions Office for Special Requirements for admission for this program.

Course Requirements

First Year (Freshman) - Fall Semester
Course Code Course Title
ENGL1001 English Composition1
IT1001C Computer Applications
MATH1008 Foundations of Quantitative Reasoning2
PARA1001 Introduction to Legal Studies
PARA1011 Legal Research & Writing I
First Year (Freshman) - Spring Semester
Course Code
Course Title
Legal Research & Writing II
Introductions to Effective Speaking
Law Office Technology3
Family Law
Any Fine Arts (FA), Historical Perspectives (HP),
Humanities (HU) or Social Science (SS) Course
Second Year (Sophmore) - Fall Semester
Course Code Course Title
Intermediate Composition
Civil Litigation I
Real Estate Law
Corporate Law & Business Orgs
Legal Specialty Electives6
Second Year (Sophmore) - Spring Semester
Course Code Course Title
PARA2025 Estates and Probate I
PARA2026 Administrative Litigation
XXX-XXX Nat Science (NS)4
PARA2022 Civil Litigation I
XXX-XXX Legal Specialty Electives6
Second Year (Sophmore) - Summer Semester
Course Code Course Title
PARA2027 Paralegal Practicum5

Some courses are offered only certain semesters; others are movable.

Consult an advisor before deviating from curriculum guide.

  1. Entry into this course is based on placement test scores. Students must enroll in the course indicated by the placement test. Preparatory Composition and Preparatory Reading and Writing II will not apply to an associate degree and will not transfer.
  2. Entry into this course is based on placement test scores. Students must enroll in the math course indicated by the placement test. Lower level mathematics courses must be taken in the freshman year, if needed, to prepare for the sophomore year.
  3. The prerequisite for this course is Intro to Information Processing (IT1001C).
  4. Select from courses with a Breadth of Knowledge designation of NS.
  5. You must contact the Program Director at least SIX (6) weeks before the start of the quarter in which you intend to take the Practicum in order to arrange placement. This course should be taken near the end of your program.
  6. Select from para1015, Intro to Criminal Law & Procedures; PARA2028, Bankruptcy Law; PARA2029, Employment Law; PARA2030, Special Topics in the Law; PARA2031, Study Abroad: Cultural & Legal Systems of the World (offered summer only).

Admission to the Paralegal Studies program is limited to:

  1. High school graduates who placed in the top half of their graduating class and who earned at least four years of high school English and two years of college preparatory math; or
  2. GED recipients who scored 55 or above on the GED test; or
  3. Students who have earned at least 15 University of Cincinnati quarter credit hours with a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

NOTE: To remain in good standing in the Paralegal Program, students must earn at least a C grade in all PARALEGAL courses.

  • Prior to graduation all students in the program must complete the keyboard test and demonstrate at least 35 WPM
    or are required to successfully complete 34 OATN 171 - Keyboarding class.
  • Students should meet with an advisor before registering for classes.

Paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public, except as permitted by law.

The University of Cincinnati reaffirms its policy that discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, disability, medical condition, genetic information, marital status, sex, age, sexual orientation, veteran status, or gender identity and expression shall not be practiced in any of its activities. University Rule 3361: 10-13-01