UC Clermont

Additional Steps for Police Academy Admissions Interview

Below is a list of requirements you must complete for your admissions interview. The steps don't need to be completed in a particular order. However, all steps need to be completed before you can schedule your academy admissions interview.

  • See the OPOTA physical fitness requirements below.
  • The physical exam with your doctor must be performed by an MD, DO, or CNP. Chiropractors are not allowable.
  • Be sure to have your doctor fill out and sign the OPOTC Student Health Data form.

OPOTA Physical Fitness Requirements

Age and Gender Minimum Physical Fitness Scores

*Modified form per OPOTC Lesson Plan

  Sit-ups (1 min.)
Push-ups (1 min.)
1.5 Mile Run
Males (29 or younger) 40 33 11:58
Females (29 or younger)
35 18 14:15
Males (30 - 39) 36 27 12:25
Females (30 - 39) 27 14 15:14
Males (40 - 49) 31 21 13:05
Females (40 - 49) 22 11 16:13
Males (50 - 59) 26 15 14:33
Females (50 - 59) 17 13* Modified 18:05
Males (60+) 20 15 16:19
Females (60+)
8 8* Modified

Sourced from Ohio Peace Officer Basic Training Program Physical Fitness Requirements provided by Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission & Mike DeWine, Ohio Attorney General.

Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission
Fax: 740-845-2675

P.O. Box 309
London, Ohio 43140

  • See the Police Academy forms page to download the Statement of Understanding.
  • The Statement of Understanding must be notarized to be accepted.
    • Most banks will still do this for free for their customers. Call your local bank and check.
  • Bring the completed, signed and notarized form to your interview.
  • Download the Request for National Webcheck form from the Police Academy forms page.
  • Take it with you to be fingerprinted and get a background check.
    • Most local police/sheriff offices will do this for you. Call first and check; see if you need an appointment.
    • Please call the commander (513-558-7408) before fingerprinting for information that can save you money. (Most people pay $80 for fingerprinting and a background check.)

Do this within 90 days before the start of classes. (If your form is more than 90 days old when classes start, we cannot accept it.)

  • Find two (2) people who know you well who will write letters of recommendation for you.
  • Those chosen to write letters should:
    • have known you for at least two years.
    • not be related to you.
    • have had recent contact with you.
    • know you in a social and professional context. Neighbors, teachers, employers and co-workers are all excellent sources.
  • The letters should include:
    • the person'€™s name, address and phone number.
    • how they know you and for how long.
    • when they last saw you.
    • what they think of your character.
    • why they think you would be a good police officer.

Download and complete the following forms from the Police Academy forms page:

  • OPOTC Student Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement
  • OPOTC Student Acknowledgement Form
  • Student Enrollment/Certification Record form
Do not sign these final 3 forms. You will do this at your interview, where your signature will be witnessed.
Form Information:
  • Name of the school — "UC Clermont College Police Academy"
  • Leave the school number blank.
  • Each academy class is assigned a number based on the state. We will fill this in for you.

Obtain copies of:

  • your high school diploma with transcript, or GED Certificate.
  • your valid driver's license with proof of insurance.

Once you have completed the previous 6 steps, please call 513-558-7408 or email (dunkmawe@ucmail.uc.edu) to make your admissions interview appointment.