UC Clermont

Police Academy Interview

Interview Expectations

Please be punctual, meaning don'€™t be late, but don'€™t show up more than 15 minutes early. Dress appropriately: no shorts, jeans, t-shirts or sweats.

Before scheduling your interview, complete the pre-interview requirements. Forms and agreements can be downloaded from the Police Academy Forms page. You should have the following items when you arrive for your interview:

  • Both reference letters
  • Completed OPOTC Student Health Data Form
  • Copy of your valid driver's license (& the original)
  • Copy of your Proof of Insurance (auto)
  • Copy of your high school diploma with transcript or GED Certificate
  • OPOTC Student Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement (completed, but unsigned)
  • OPOTC Student Acknowledgement Form (completed, but unsigned)
  • Student Enrollment/Certification Record form (completed, but unsigned)
  • Check or money order for $50 administrative fee, payable to University of Cincinnati

Interviews are held on the UC Clermont College campus (Police Academy location).

You will receive an acceptance letter from the college (could be before your interview or afterwards). You must return the Confirmation Form with your $50 matriculation fee. You can do this online or send in the paper form. This confirms your admission to Clermont College, but is not your acceptance into the academy. You will receive separate notification regarding academy admission and the mandatory police academy orientation.